A nonprofit organization is dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a certain point of view. Headmen Contracting is proud to work with nonprofit organizations to help make their facilities the best they can be. We provide roofing, window replacement, remodeling, renovations, and much more. 

Richmont Graduate University

Replaced Shingle Roofing System. Renovated over 20 Rooms including the Sanctuary. Replaced Siding, Fencing and Windows.

Redeemed Christian Church - Mt. Zion

Roof Replacement: Metal with Laminate Insulation and B.U.R, Replaced Gutters, Built Awnings over Enterances, Painted Interior, and Replaced Ceiling.

Redeemed Christian Church - Riverdale

Replaced Shingle Roofing System with Metal Roofing System. Replaced Gutters, Painted Steeple. Renovated Sanctuary

Redeemed Christian Church - Decatur

Metal Roof Replacement, Replaced Gutters, Repaired HVAC, Replaced Siding.

Islamic Center of LaGrange

Roof Replacement: Metal and B.U.R. Replaced Gutters, Repaired HVAC, Installed New Awnings, Carpet Mold Remediation, Interior Finish work in Sancturary.

ReStore - Habitat for Humanity, Troup County

Roof Replacement: Shingles with Nailbase Insulation, Metal with Laminate Insulation, and B.U.R. Exterior Wall Painting.

Community Action for Improvement, Troup County

Roof Replacement: TPO and Metal Roofing Systems. Replaced Metal Siding, and Gutters. Installed New Signs.