10 Great Ways to Save Money & Energy

Posted by admin on September 30, 2015

Energy.pngMost homeowners don’t understand what they are doing wrong when it comes to saving money and energy with their homes. Not only will becoming more energy efficient save you money, it will also increase the comfort levels inside the home, reduce pollution, and it doesn’t hurt that the Government will give you a tax break for “going green”.  Homeowners need to follow the following 10 tips to save money and energy.

  1.  Find better ways to warm and chill your house.  Since more than half of our energy bill comes from heating and cooling your house, we need to find alternatives to help, including installing ceiling fans, replacing air filters in a timely manner, make sure you have a programmable thermostat, and make sure you have really good energy saving curtains.
  2.  Install a tankless water heater. When you choose to have a tankless water heater, it allows you to only heat up water when needed and doesn’t depend on itself to keep a tank full of hot water.
  3.  Replace incandescent lights. Household who use traditional incandescent lights are using 10% of energy for the actual light while the rest becomes heat. When you switch to LED or CFLs you are able to reduce your lighting energy by 50% to 75%.
  4.  Seal and insulate your home.  When most homeowners insulate and seal up their homes, they often forget about mail slots, attic hatches, baseboards, switch plates, fireplace dampers, and window- mounted air conditioners.
  5.  Install efficient showerheads and toilets.  The best ways to conserve energy in the bathroom include low-flow showerheads, low-flow toilets, vacuum-assists toilets, and dual-flush toilets.
  6.  Use appliances and electronics responsibly.  Make sure when you are picking out new appliances you check the energy rating to see how much energy you are consuming. Another great tip about appliances and electronics is to remember to unplug them when not in use. Once that cell phone or tablet is charged, unplug the power source so you are not running up the power bill.
  7.  Install day lighting as an alternative to electrical lighting. Most people have never heard of day lighting, and therefore don’t use it to their advantages. Day lighting is the practice of using natural light to illuminate a home’s interior. This includes skylights, light shelves, clerestory windows, and light tubes.
  8.  Insulate windows and doors.  Most all of our heat loss occurs because of cracks that aren’t visible to the naked eye around our windows and doors. The best way to make sure you aren’t losing air via cracks is to seal all window edges with rope caulk, or a weather strip.
  9. Cook smart. A huge amount of energy is wasted when we cook. Some ways to help prevent this are to use convection ovens over conventional ovens, using microwave ovens which uses 80% less energy than conventional ovens, using lids when cooking on the cook top, and using pressure cookers reduce cook time dramatically.
  10.  Change the way you do laundry. Most adults have been using way too much energy while doing most daily tasks and laundry is one of them. Make sure you aren’t using the medium setting on your washer, avoid high temperatures, make sure you are cleaning the lint trap after each use, and air dry clothes when possible.

Once you practice using these 10 great money and energy saving tips, they will become second nature. Teaching your entire household how to save energy will pay off for everyone in the long run, and don’t forget your wallet will be full and happy.